Key features for instrument facilities

Distribute data without a fuss

Put sharing in the hands of your users

Instrument facilities generate huge amounts of data every day. As instruments become increasingly data intensive and the wishes of instrument users get more creative and exotic, facilities face a challenge in maintaining a great service.

MyTardis takes care of distributing data to your users. Its instrument integration technology takes care of securely and automatically shifting data from instrument to repository, accessible by the right users, in real-time.

Users log in to the web portal or secure FTP interface and can browse and access their data immediately, with no fuss.

Collaboration is made easy; researchers are able to share their own data with others nearby or worldwide through MyTardis’ simple web sharing interface. This takes the painful responsibility of data movement out of the facility’s hands.

Add value to instrument data

Gene sequencing: provide users with read statistics and quality control information

MyTardis provides a way for instrument facilities to innovate and provide a competitive edge. Data can be filtered, processed and indexed automatically based on instrument type. This helps an instrument’s user make sense of their data faster, and with less hand-holding from facility experts.

MyTardis’ extensible data processing architecture already caters to several instruments in microscopy, x-ray diffraction, gene sequencing and more, providing automatic insight into data. Partner with users to develop unique views and filtering of data such as quality assessment, statistics, file format conversion and preliminary analysis.


Data publications: raise the value of the facility

Attach a license and a DOI: open your data to the world

Show off the high-impact output of instrument facilities through rich ‘data publications’. Facilities can open selected data to the world, adding key information relating to research publications, derivative data and downstream analysis.

Create a DOI for each instrument in a facility and have users insert it into their research publications as a means of tracking research impact.




A wide range of instruments and data formats

MyData/MyTardis is now used at 35 instruments, across 10 facilities, at 4 institutions; in addition 17 further instruments are planned at 4 institutions.

Types of instruments integrated:

  • Microscopes: Cryo-electron, advanced light, fluorescence, confocal, multiphoton, scanning electron, transmission electron
  • Gene Sequencers
  • Flow cytometers
  • Cell Sorters and analysers 
  • MRIs
  • X-ray diffractometers
  • Mass spectrometers


Easy instrument integration

MyData is deployed alongside instruments and manages the transfer of data to MyTardis.

MyData is designed to sit alongside an instrument, automatically pushing data to MyTardis. Whether on the instrument control computer itself, or a computer close by, MyData can provide facility employees and users alike instant feedback on data’s availability in MyTardis.

Engineered with ‘big data’ instruments in mind, MyData has the capability to upload thousands of gigabytes of instrument data to MyTardis efficiently and is compatible with all major platforms (Windows, Linux-based, Mac).


"I want to know what's going on in my facility"

The ‘Facility View’ within MyTardis provides facility staff with a total view of data generation from all instruments. Filter by user, instrument or browse the summary page for the ultimate view of data activity within the facility.


Push data to Compute

Seamlessly push data to environments such as the Characterisation Virtual Lab

Big data often requires huge processing power. The ‘Push To’ feature allows users to seamlessly transfer data directly from MyTardis to supercomputers such as MASSIVE, or virtual laboratories such as the Characterisation Virtual Lab for further analysis.