MyTardis workshop at eResearch Australasia 18

Tuesday 16 October 2018 at eResearch Australiasia 2018
Workshop Schedule

Research data management platforms aim meet the challenges of capturing and managing large volumes of research data,  while ensuring that the data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR). One such platform is MyTardis (, an open source research data management platform that was initially establish to handle and store macromolecular crystallography data {Meyer:2014ub, Androulakis:2008ku}. Through several national projects like the NeCTAR Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (, ImageTrove ( and the ANDS Trusted Data projects (, MyTardis has evolved into a general purpose research data management system, with a focus on integrating scientific instruments and instrument facilities. It is used across light microscopy, electron microscopy, proteomics, cytometry, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), and other scientific techniques. It integrates over  100  Australian  instruments  across  Monash  University,  University  of  Queensland,  University  of  Newcastle, University of New South Wales, RMIT, and University of Western Australia.

In this workshop, representatives from the Characterisation community will share their experience in developing and operating large deployments of MyTardis. We will emphasise how MyTardis helps to securely store and manage data from  a  variety  of  different  instruments.  We  will also outline the short- to medium-term roadmap for MyTardis development and our plan to engage the wider community to help us build the next-generation platform for instrument data management. Finally, we will run a hands-on workshop on best-practices for deploying and operating MyTardis, specifically targeted at developers and system administrators.

Workshop Contents:

Overview of MyTardis and its deployments

  • Overview of MyTardis

  • Developing and operating MyTardis at Monash University

  • NIF Trusted Data Repositories

  • Developing and operating MyTardis at the University of Queensland and NIF

  • Developing and operating MyTardis at the University of Western Australia

  • Developing and operating MyTardis at the University of Newcastle

  • MyTardis features for instrument facilities

Future Roadmap

  • The Future of MyTardis

  • Requirements from instrument facilities

  • Addressing FAIR by integrating with the experiment, trusted data repositories.

  • Panel Discussion / BOF- Next-generation Instrument data Future and challenges

Hands On

  • Hands on session on deployment of MyTardis


  • Instrument facility managers

  • Data Managers

  • IT Managers & Directors

  • Professionals in associated disciplines

  • Research Computing Specialists

  • Research Managers

  • University Representatives

  • Researchers

  • Librarians

  • Software & App engineers


Attendees need to bring a laptop.